About us

Be prepared to closely watch and discover the mysteries of beauty in the dance of design on stone.

Tiara Stone Art operating in the factory Kosar Parsian Stone, with a rich background in the extraction and processing of stones, has begun designing and producing stone artifacts with a focus on stone basins, vanity tops and countertops. This company with a professional team alongside various state of the art machinery keeps up with top notch products of the world and is always introducing new ideas.

At Tiara stone Art all stages of carving and shaping the stone are done with accurate CNC machines. The polishing stage is done with durability in mind and no chemicals are used to create a temporary polish. Our team designs and creates quality products that are functional, aesthetic and tailored for various tastes and give a luxurious and modern feel to restrooms. We see creating quality products as our priority.

At Tiara you have no limits in design and creation, each work can be customized. After choosing the cabinet -which we have tried to use the best fittings in them-  you can choose your preferred color. The paints we use are made from the polymer polyurethane 21 . At the next stage you can choose one of our various functional and aesthetic basin models that are all made from natural stones.

In carving the stone, we have observed the correct slants in the basins. Also the sink and faucet holes are made with CNC machines for easier placement and better water insulation. In the next step you can pick your favorite from the vast collection of beautiful natural stones that are available at Tiara . Lastly, you can finalize your order by choosing the shape of the edges of the countertop which is wholly done using CNC machines.

Stone Choice

The first step for ordering the right countertop is to choose an appropriate natural stone. The experienced specialists of Tiara will be with you from the beginning until the end of your process so that your project will go as perfect as possible.


One of the most important parts in creating countertops is proper measuring. Correct measurements avoid problems like flawed placement of edges alongside the walls and angles at the sides of the product. The correct placement of the sink, oven and power outlets affects the beauty of your countertops.

The specialists at Tiara have a record of hundreds of successful measurements and installations. They can observe the smallest details that are important for customers.

Shaping the Edges

The most important part in creating countertops and what makes this team excel over others is in shaping the edges.

The carving plays an integral role in countertops’ beauty and is done with either of three methods: by hand, by sector or by using CNC machines. In the first two methods there is a possibility of flaws or creating unwanted waves in the design.

But a CNC machine works with no human interference, runs completely automatic and with an accuracy of under one millimeter. The edge carvings that are impossible to create using the first two methods are done with accuracy using a CNC machine.

Tiara stone art with several CNC machines and specialists in the area, can be your best choice in this section.


Reinforcing is done to create more resistance in the stone plates and is done using iron placed at the edges and parts of the stone plates’ body.

The irons used in this stage are covered with paint so as to have a better look and also to prevent rust and create more durability. Also for parts of the products such as reinforcing where there is a need for glue, mega epoxy is used which is stronger and more permanent compared to other glues.


After the stone is shaped with CNC machines, the plates are polished. This process has several stages and is done using polishing plates.

Package and delivery

After polish is done, the stone plates have to be packaged. If packaging isn’t done correctly, the edges of the stone plates can get chipped and therefore damaged. In that case processing the stone would have to be redone.

Tiara stone art has a professional packaging and delivery system so that the possibility of damage to the stone would be diminished.

The last level of countertops is installation. Installing countertops has to be done by a professional team since the countertops are heavy and may need further adjustments on site. Installation is faced with problems such as the spread of dust in the kitchen area which can easily be solved by cleaning up after installation.

The final consideration of customers in buying natural stones is its absorption of liquids, stains and scratches, which we have solved by using nano sealant products that cover the stone and avoid liquid absorption and scratches so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of natural stones.

At Tiara Stone Art after choosing your preferred model you can choose the natural stones: Azna Crystal stone, Aligoodarz Crystal stone, Sirjan crystal stone, Shayan marmarite, Lashotor marmarite, Persian silk marmarite, Paiiz Marmarite, Neyriz crystal stone and … . It should also be noted that in the box model, all the bevel edges are made with CNC machines which is Tiara’s difference with other teams who create similar products.