Advanced machines

In Tiara, the most up-to-date machines and advanced devices available in Iran are used. Elegance in tiara stone art is not accidental.

The latest technology of the day

The use of experienced specialists and the use of modern technologies have reduced the production time and other advantages of tiara. Competitive price in tiara stone art is not accidental.

No additives

Additive products are not used in our collection to shine and polish the products. The durability of brilliance in tiara stone art is not accidental.


The combination of PVC cabinet and stone sink in Tiara cabinet sinks. It has brought a functional and beautiful product. Beauty in tiara stone art is not accidental.

Buying without intermediaries

Branding, direct presence in the market and after-sales service in order to respect the customer is one of the most important concerns of tiaras. Customer orientation in tiara stone art is not accidental.


Kausar Seng Parsian and Raz Seng have a long history of extracting construction stones in the form of tiara stone art, and have produced stone artifacts, especially vanity tops. The quality of production in Heng Sang Tiara is not accidental.

Our work process

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In the Tiara stone art, after getting the stone from the best natural stone mines in the country, which have very little water penetration, they are turned into ingots with the latest machines, then they are cut with the most accurate CNC equipment. For better sealing of the sewage part, our collection is also machined with a CNC machine, after that it is polished and sanded with the hands of our colleagues in the finishing department without adding temporary finishing additives, after it is completely reviewed and controlled. The quality is placed and they are packed if approved.


Models of wash basins


stone models


work time


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